Ethernet is flaky

I am seeing a problem with the ethernet (not wifi, ethernet). When I start a git to clone the golang repo, it gets to 2% and then the eth0 hangs. is anyone seeing similar problems? The wifi appears not to work yet.

Is that with the latest image booted from sd-card?

I haven’t done much with local ethernet yet (have so far usually used an ethernet USB-dongle), but was told in person that ethernet on latest image/kernel should work now. I tested it once and saw that I got an IP number when running dhclient, but did not go much further.

Hello, @rminnich. Thanks for the question.

What’s your coreboard/baseboard serial number?

On the first images the Ethernet wasn’t working, but on the latest images It should work properly.

Hi, @rminnich

I can reproduce your problem, any git that i try to clone via git command crash the ethernet. I don’t know yet why it happens, but it really is a problem, but using Firefox i could download de zip from github without any problem, i believe tha maybe git use some feature of ethernet that is not implemented in our driver for while.

I can’t promise a breaf correction for this problem, but there are some group developing a new driver for ethernet, probably when we enable it for kernel 4.19 it will be solved.

Best regards

Igor Ruschi