Applying image/kernel to local emmc

Are the instructions here really correct?

I downloaded the image and flashed it with etcher - however it looks like it just boots the image right from sd-card - no flashing.

Do I have to trigger something to transfer the image?

Yes! The priority is to boot straight from the microSD card, to trigger the flashing script you have to be holding the recovery button once you turn on the board, it is the only button on the coreboard, as per below image. You just have to power the board and wait a couple seconds while pressing it and, then you can release it and it will start flashing. You can also check on the status and log of the flashing proccess through the serial interface in the baseboard, with a USB-TTL converter.

Ah, I was missing that bit. Thanks, will try it soon.

Is that info available in the wiki?

It is, under the topic three. We will soon have a tutorial in English and that will be clearer for non-Portuguese speakers.

Ah, now I see it:
Você deve inserir o cartão SD na Labrador a ser reprogramada e conectá-la à energia segurando o botão de recuperação da Coreboard (no canto superior esquerdo da Coreboard, próximo à etiqueta de número de série)

The image you just posted here would be a nice addition to that wiki entry and would probably be enough to tip off the none native speakers.